Jeanette is a truly travelled lady. She has worked throughout the world, spending a lot of time in UAE and England teaching English.  She has returned home and continues to teach English both locally as well as to students staying in her home

What She Offers

Jeanette loves being around younger Learners and helping them achieve their aims. She has innovative teaching methods and always ignites the passion she has for English in others. A great stay with fun lessons and lots of excursions to see the area.

TESOL and English Degree

As part of the activities we offer, we can invite the student to spend a day or so in my daughter’s IT and Web Design studio, meet like-minded designers who can share their skills and talk about the industry. This activity will be offered free of charge.

Her daughter, Lexi is a warm and creative owner/manager who often hosts her own young interns from France, Holland and Germany, so she and her team are used to being observed and involved in sharing insights into their work. The studio is a happy place, with areas for work, games and family pets! It is a short drive from my home and we can offer transport there and back.

The student will only be offered this activity if they are really interested in IT and learning about design on Apple iMacs etc.

  • English Language Expertise 100%
  • Local Activities 80%
  • Visitor Satisfaction 93%

Local Attractions

Shark Warrior Centre

Kayaking & Kelp Snorkeling  at Sharkwarrior

Ostrich Farm

Learn all about Ostrichs and see them up close

Robben Island

Nelson Mandela was incarcerated here

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are traveling to any new country you may have many questions. We at South African Homestays are here to help. Our job involves finding the customised accommodation the student needs, also arranging the airport transfers and dealing with any sepcial needs the student might have. We have dedicated staff working around the clock to make sure you will have the best time in South Africa. All host tutors have been regularly vetted and inspected, and all of them have high level educational qualifications and years of experience.

Do you have the time to help a student explore a South Africa?
Yes, I devote 100% to students while they are here

How will your family react to having a new person In the house?
I love entertain and enjoy people in my house

Do you have the resources to welcome someone into your home?
I have plenty of space, fast wifi and beautiful gardent to sit in

They are very nice and willing to talk with me and welcome me to become part of the family. They are kind and considerate and if I have questions, they are willing to answer my questions and help me to understand things. Their house is large and beautiful. It is great living here. 

Jackie Schmidt

My host family was perfect! I liked everything about my family, and I felt like I was in my own home. The food was really good and I enjoyed our dinner conversations. They are very friendly people and I really enjoyed my time with them.  Vertie Rieth

My host mother is kind and we communicate well. We have gone to a lot of places together. I love the food she provided. She always asks me what I like and what I don’t like to eat. This home is really clean, and my host mother keeps everything neat. I am very happy here. Francina Duenas

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