My trip to Agulhas, Western Cape

My trip to Agulhas, Western Cape

I spent 5 days at my friend’s holiday house in Agulhas during the school break. We drove there by car on a warm Saturday morning. During the ride we could observe the change of landscape, going from mountains to plains, which was quite surprising. 

Thereafter we finally reached L’Agulhas. This is a holidays village next to the sea. The environment was all green surrounded by low mountains. I would never have expect to see this kind of environment in South Africa – it was quite different to Cape Town.

Although this is a small place, there were several things to do. At first we went to the southernmost point of Africa, roughly where the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans meet. The walk to reach this point was very beautiful and unique as it is part of the Agulhas National Park.

The days that followed we visited the lighthousein  the village, had walks around Agulhas, with a wind that could blown you away as it was very strong. Nevertheless I manage to take pictures of this very special place and really enjoyed it. Moreover we went fishing in the village of Struisbaai, which was a nice place to have a break and eat fresh fish. 

This trip was very exotic for me and I’m glad that I have seen a place that I would have, as I said, never expected to visit at all by going to South Africa. 


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Marc Lam, High School Exchange Student

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