High School Programmes in South Africa

All our High school programmes are in Cape Town, South Africa are built around family homestays, which is where the student stays with their tutor or a host family. This gives the student a comfortable, friendly, home away from home. The school is local and easily reached. It’s in a good safe residential area close to shops and the beach. You will be expected to live as part of the family and also join in all of the school activities. Your English MUST be at least Intermediate and stays can be from 1 month to 1 academic year.

Our partner schools in Cape Town

A high School experience can be from as little as one month up to 3 months. A School integration means you really get involved with the school curriculum and can be from 6 months to 1 Academic year.

Fairmont High School

Fairmont High School is based in the suburbs just north of Cape Town. A hugely diverse school that encourages sporting and art achievements as well as academic. It is a community school and plays a large part in the area.

Fish Hoek High School

A great institution with superb Sporting Facilities. Nestled in a town right on the Beach with a strong After School emphasis and expectations on results in both academic and sporting departments

Brackenfell High School

Just north of Cape Town with a high emphasis on results. They have teams for Rugby, Cricket and Tennis and you are actively encouraged to join in. They run ‘a tight ship” so the correct uniform is important.

Camps Bay High School

Camps Bay High School with its high academic record and wonderful after school activities.  As you can imagine sports feature highly in the school and you will be invited to participate both after school as well as team Building weekends away with your new friends.  Host families will live in the areas of Clifton and Camps Bay. After school, you can run across the road and surf!

Boland College

Boland College, as a public technical and vocational education and training college, serves the needs of the widespread Boland area by providing affordable, lifelong, quality education and training in line with the social and economic needs of the community.

Hottentot Holland

Diverse school offering opportunities for students living in Somerset West and Gordons Bay. Huge Sports Fields and lots of encouragement for all of the students.

Protea Heights Academy

Protea Heights Academy focuses on Mathematics and Science, which are  compulsory subjects for all grades. The IT department is advanced with excellent opportunities to  keep up with the development of technology. Students are also exposed to sport, culture and leadership opportunities in addition to the excellent academic education. It is a lovely spacious school,  with young vibrant teachers to contribute to a wonderful diverse learning experience.

Simons Town High School

Established for over 200 years and offers a wide range of subjects plus is linked to Simons Town Naval Academy. Its vibrant; inter active and has students from 5 to 19 years. The students hail from Europe; Africa and South America. The local bus is offered or you can go with your host family

Sans Souci Girls School

Girls only…Sans Souci is a smaller school that welcomes female students from a diversity of backgrounds and has a reputation for high achievers. For more than five decades Sans Souci has been producing extraordinary young women. Students are encouraged to respect others and the environment, to act with integrity, and to develop a social conscience as evidenced in our school motto “Learn to be of Service”. Being in a smaller school means more leadership opportunities and our girls enjoy these under the mentorship of our superb staff.

Howick High School

Howick High School, located in the picturesque KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, in the village of Howick, is an English medium, co-educational High School.  It is often said that the community spirit and wholesome values that our school instills in its learners, makes it a special place for young adults to be educated and developed into well-rounded, happy individuals.

Calling Education boys school

Calling Education inspires, equips and grows leaders, future fathers and teachers The school has a clear focus on developing a healthy fatherhood framework as well as producing strong characters; inspirational Leaders and confident young men.

High School Experience or High School Exchange programme

What is High School Experience/High School Exchange? A high School experience can be from as little as one month up to 3 months. A School Exchange programme means you really get involved with the school curriculum and can be from 6 months to 1 Academic year.

Our schools are based in 3 mains areas along The Cape Province

Additionally, we have a resident Local Co-Ordinator who will meet you on arrival and at other times during your stay. She lives very near to the school and is always on hand should you have any worries that your host family can’t help you with. She will be in contact with you; your own family; your host family and the school at all times.

Cape Town area is one of the destinations for our High Schools, although we also have schools near Durban and The Karoo.  Camps Bay is very exclusive and rather chi chi. They welcome students from 3 to 10 months at any time throughout the year.  After lessons, you can run across the road with your Surfboard and spend the afternoon the Beach. Camps Bay is the destination for the rich and famous seeking the sunshine in the European winter.  You never know who you will bump into on The Beach.    North of Cape Town are 3 schools we work with in the Brackenfell area. These 3 schools offer a great High School feel and if you enjoy Sports, you should choose one of these schools.   Simons Town High School (est over 200 years ago!) and Fish Hoek high Schools are right on the coast and great for surfing and sailing.  These two schools are ideal for longer term students wishing for an academic year placement.    Our other schools are based in Stellenbosch and Somerset West.  We have two schools there.  One General High School and one ALL BOYS school which is small and ideal for quieter students   All schools are well established; modern with good facilities and have a good ethnic mix and offer After School Clubs ranging from Public Debating to Water Polo to IT to Sailing to Surfing to Rugby to Volleyball and lots more in between

Most South African schools enjoy sports and they can be very competitive so if you enjoy Rugby or Cricket then you will feel right at home here.  For those who are more academic than sporty, you will also enjoy the cultural side as they have vibrant Drama Groups as well as IT Departments and always a School Newspaper.  Whats not to get involved in…..

You will be expected to wear the school uniform.  That’s “ non negotiable!”  The wearing of uniform is strictly enforced right down to the wearing of the correct shoes; limited jewellery and no make up!  We will get you a School Buddy when you arrive to show you around and help introduce you to the schedule.   Be sure your host family will also play an active part and will take you to get the school uniform and books before you begin school.

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