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Entry requirement into and Exit from South Africa…

The required documents for unaccompanied minors are as follows:

When a child is travelling as an unaccompanied minor, he or she must also be able to produce the following at all times;

  1. A full unabridged birth certificate with both parents duly mentioned
  2. Proof of consent (a letter or affidavit) from both his or her parents or legal guardians to travel in or out of the country with full contact details/address etc.
  3. A letter from the person who will receive the child in South Africa, including that person’s full contact details ( this is for meeting at airport) ***
  4. A copy of their passport or ID book with the registration number duly visible so that if asked to produce at the airport, it ties up with the copy the Minor is carrying ***
  5. A letter to include details about where the child will be staying and relevant dates, including full contact details of the people who are acting as  “Guardians” during the student’s stay in RSA. ***

*** This is the responsibility of the Host Tutor to send to us, so that we can transmit to the student’s parents/guardians to place with the other required documentation.***

Can I use my mobile phone in South Africa?

Check with your mobile phone provider to make sure you have the roaming facility, also check their international calling rates. You definitely need to bring a charger and an appropriate travel adaptor for South Africa. It will also be possible to receive phone calls on your teacher’s landline, although outgoing calls are not permitted. Most often your host families have some adaptors alvilabe for you to use.

What if I have any special dietary requirements?

If you are a vegan or Vegetarian or have allergies, we can certainly accommodate these and we will inform your host family/teacher about your circumstances.

Will I be able to connect to the internet while I’m in South Africa?

All host families/tutors have wifi access, and most have  4G connectivity; please check with your mobile phone service provider.

What if I dont get on with my host family?

This rarely happens but the  local co-ordinator is avilable to discuss and resolve any issues that may arise during your stay. This may necessitate changing host famlies if a solutions cannot be found.

What happens if I dont understand my lessons

Students provide their host tutors with an example of their English level before they arrive which enables the tutor to preppare the lessons in accordance with students ability. If for some reason, the level the lessons are delivered at are not appropriate then the students should advise the tutor as soon as possible so that an adjustment can be made.

What to do about money?

It’s perfectly safe to use your debit and credit cards in shops and restaurants its also fine to withdraw cash from the local ATM ( although you will be charged for this). You can also open a non resident Bank Account.This can be done within an hour and it includes a debit card and on line banking facilities (you need to bring your Passport)

If you have a question that is not listed above

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